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DERNEĞİMİZ OLAĞAN GENEL KURULU YAPILMIŞTIR Mr. Edward Cuhaci of 1942 -1948 reached us with the below sharings New BIOGRAPHIES Page is active now Now, "Comments" section is available in our website.
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Alumni Comments
Elia Tarablus EHS '77, 30.12.2013 P. tesi gecesi normal sıradan bir dernek gecesi olarak başladı. Olağandışı olan bu gece dernkte bir dansöz performansının düzenlenmiş olmasıydı Arkadaşlar,

30.12.2013 P. tesi gecesi normal sıradan bir dernek gecesi olarak başladı. Olağandışı olan bu gece dernkte bir dansöz performansının düzenlenmiş olmasıydı ve saat 21.30 da başlayacaktı.

Saat 18.... Click here to read more.
Penn EHSG 1968-1970 Thank you so much for getting in touch! Please accept my best wishes for 2014 and I will be in touch with more information about myself in the New Year........
Best regards, Patricia (wallace) Penn EHSG 1968-1970
Santo Micallef, EHSB 1955 It is nice to get your news. All the best for a great New Year party and to all from Naples, FL; all the best for the coming year. Santo
Linda Cook, EHSG 1966-1969 Hello
Thank you for getting back to me
I was there from 1966 -1969 when Mrs Petter was hearmistress and my name was Linda Cook at the time.
In my class were Aneli Odhner and Ann Ero and Penny Brown form some of the time - ennys siste... Click here to read more.
Patricia Penn Hi….I taught at EHSG from 68-70 and would like to reconnect with some of my old students……may I join the alumnae association as an ex teacher?
Best regards,

Patricia Penn, DIP Phys Ed & LGSM
Gregor Chudoba, EHSG Primary School 1975-1977 Dear Ms Cirik,

Through the website of the English High School alumni, I have obtained your address. My reason for writing is that I too have attended the EHSG some 35 years ago, though matters get slightly complicated here: There was, unme... Click here to read more.
Mikio Hiramatsu, EHSB 1977 Dear Deger Elove

Thank you for your reply.
I appreciate your cooperation.

The answer to your inquiry is as follows.

I entered English High School Istanbul in September 1967, at the age of 12.
A... Click here to read more.
Isy Haas, EHSB 1951 I am an alumn of the class of 1951....!! and very happy to hear from you now and then... !!! I wish I could attend the dinner but I am afraid I live too far away.... hahaha.... !!!
I am curious: is instruction at EHS still in English? also, ... Click here to read more.
Ivan Schick, EHSB 1948 Living, as I am, near Boston in the U.S., I am sorry to be unable to attend the New Year party, but will be there, with you all, in spirit.

MEANWHILE : I have found a few class photos ( from 1943 to 1948 ), could have them copied : where ... Click here to read more.
Max Ludvigson, EHSB 1954 How delightful to see this website which was forwarded to me by Santo Micallef. I fondly remember my classmates Nermi Bekiroglu, Unal Tapan, Dogan Zorlu and more. I now live in Los Angeles, California. Is it possible to join the association as an overseas... Click here to read more.


We would like to welcome warmly the Old Boys and Old Girls, members of Arden, Charnwood, Dean and Sherwood Houses.

Our Alumni Association's mission is to attract as many old boys and girls as possible to recreate the English High School spirit in order to continue to be the torch-bearers of our society's future, based on the great education that we have received in our schools. While doing this, we shall be enjoying friendship, memories and cultural events in our Alumni House in Arnavutkoy.

When we were developing our new website our main goal was to reflect our heritage. Therefore, when we decided to modify our website, we chose official EHS colors which were navy blue, light blue and gold, together with the original logos of EHSG and EHSB. Although we try to gather as many information as possible here, there may be mistakes and missing information, so any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Her ne kadar okullarımızda İngilizce öğrenmek ve İngiliz kültürü eşliğinde eğitim almak temel amaç olduysa da, Türkçe ve Türk kültürü hiç bir zaman ikinci planda kalmamıştır, aslında bu iki nadide okulumuz sayesinde özgün bir Türk-İngiliz kültür ve eğitim birlikteliği ortaya çıkmıştır. Bu ortak kültürü, tüm mezunlar olarak bizler sürekli yaşamaktayız. Bunun yansıması olarak da web sitemizde İngilizce ve Türkçeyi bilinçli olarak karışık kullanmayı tercih ettik.

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History of English High School for Girls & Boys in Istanbul

İstiklal Caddesi üzerinde 1858 yılında açılan English High School for Girls (EHSG), yaklaşık 47 yıl sonra Galata, Kuledibi mevkiinde kurulacak English High School for Boys (EHSB)'un da temelini atmıştır. Sir Edwin Pears'ın "FORTY YEARS IN CONSTANTINOPLE" adlı ve1916 yılı baskılı kitabında English High School for Girls'ün kuruluşunu şöyle anlatmaktadır: "Towards the end of the Crimean war Sultan Abdul Mejid, the father of Abdul Hamid, granted two pieces of property to the English and French respectively for the establishment of girls' schools. As at that time landed property could not be inscribed in the name of a foreigner, the difficulty of making a title had to be surmounted by a well-recognised Turkish fiction. In confirmity with this fiction every woman is a Turkish subject. Accordingly the property was inscribedin the name of the wife of Stratford Canning, afterwards Lady Stratford de Redcliffe. The property was situated in the very best part of the chief street in Pera, and consistent of a huge rambling old Turkish house, which during the Crimean war had been a café and the rendezvous of French and English officers. When this was converted in to a school Lady Canning took great interest in it, had a class for the pupils round at the Embassy every week, and exercised an influence upon the girls of various nationalities which was all together beneficial and is still greatfully remmembered by many old ladies in Pera. The school was open to all nationalities, but the language was to be English. So long as Lady Canning remained, and for a few years after her departure, the school was a success. Afterwards because of difficulties to find the suitable head-teacher, the number of pupils decreased, and around 1875 the school was closed. Few years later it was understood that in the property, there were number of shops producing good rents and when there is such an income, killing an institution was a scandal ! When this was questioned, the statement was that the land and buildings were the private property of Lady Canning, and there was nothing to be done. Further enquiry showed that this was not the case. Mr. Morgan Foster, the Director General of the Ottoman Bank took the issue to Sir Henry Layard, British Ambassador of the time, to communicate with Lady Stratford e Redcliffe. Lady Startford was aware that the land was inscribed to her name but she told that she was only a trustee, therefore negotiations followed and a trust deed was drawn up to deal with the property. Meanwhile Turkish land law had been changed, and permission had been given to inscribe property in the name of a corporation sole, such as an Embassy or a Consulate. The school was re-opened Head Mistress or as the Trust Deed called, Lady Directress and staff of teachers was appointed. The shops were managed by the committee and for twenty years the ramshackle Turkish café was a great success as a school. The attendance reached up to two hundred girls. In (1901) municipal requirements demanded that the considerable portion of the frontage should be given to the high street of Pera, so the community took the opportunity to build the existing building. Under Miss Green and subsequently Miss Charters, the school has been an unqualified success." EHSG Building

1905 yılında ise Kuledibi'nde İngiltere Kraliyet Devleti Baş Konsolosu Mr. Waugh tarafından bir 'Boys School' kurulmuş ve 31 öğrencisi ile İngilizce eğitim vermeye başlamıştır. Yaklaşık 6 yıl sonra, 12 Nisan 1911'de Sultan 5. Mehmed (Reşad)'in fermanı ile, yeni bir okul binası yapılması ve Kuledibi'nde zor şartlar altında faaliyet gösteren 'Boys School'un taşınması amacıyla Teşvikiye, Nişantaşı'nda bir arsa verilmiştir. Ertesi yıl eğitime açılan yeni 'Boys School' 1930 yılına kadar 'Okul Fonu' Mütevelli Heyeti Başkanı Mr. Whitthall tarafından yönetilmiştir. 1930 yılında 'Okul Fonu'nu ve yönetimini İngiltere Büyükelçiliği devir almıştır.1924 yılında Türkiye Cumhuriyeti resmi makamları tarafından yapılan uyarı ile 'Sultan fermanları ile okul açma ve eğitim verme yetkisi', Okul Fonu Mütevelli Heyeti tarafından Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devleti'nin yetkisine geçirilmiştir.

21 Kasım 1946 tarihinde yapılan tüzük değişiklikleri ile okulların yönetimi Okul Fonu'ndan alınmış ve İstanbul'da çalışan ve yaşayan İngiliz vatandaşlarının oluşturduğu İngiliz Cemiyeti'ne verilmiştir. Okul 1951 yılında kavuştuğu 'lise' statüsünden, maddi güçlükler nedeniyle 1966 - 1969 yılları arasında vazgeçmek zorunda kaldı. Queen Elizabeth, II in class

24 Ekim 1971 tarihinde İngiltere Kraliçesi 2. Elizabeth, eşi Westminster Dükü Philip ve kızı Prenses Anne okulu ziyaret etmişlerdir. İngiltere Başkonsolosluğu tarafından 1973 yılında başlatılan maddi destek çağrılarına rağmen süren maddii imkansızlıklardan dolayı, 1 Ekim 1979 tarihinde Milli Eğitim Bakanı Necdet Uğur ile İngiltere Büyükelçisi Derek Dodson arasında imzalanan bir protokolle, EHS kız ve erkek okullarının taşınır ve taşınmaz malları ve yönetimleri, 625 sayılı Özel Öğretim Kurumları Kanunu'nun 6. Maddesine göre, Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı'na devredilmiştir.

Bugün EHS kız ve erkek okulları, kız ve erkek öğrencilerin karışık okuduğu Nişantaşı ve Beyoğlu Anadolu Liseleri olarak eğitim vermeye devam etmektedir.